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Q2 categories for the Chase Freedom and why they’re amazing!

Admittedly it was difficult to spend much using the Chase Freedom card in Q1 which was from January 1 and ends on 31 March. The categories included drug stores, tolls and gas stations and let’s be frank, it’s difficult to spend $1500 across the board.

If you live in a state with high gas rates and you drive often, you might put a noticeable dent but otherwise it really is difficult. As for drug stores, apart from buying gift cards, the occasional chocolates/wine no one really goes to drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens as often. I don’t think our readers would want to pay tolls, plus they’re straightforward to understand.

I only earned maybe 30% of the potential 7500 points (worth $112.5 when transferred to the Sapphire Reserve and redeemed towards travel) by filing gas and buying Amazon gift cards (for purchases towards my Kilimanjaro trip).

If you still want to maximize the $1500 spend limit, the only way is maybe buy gas cards from Shell, Exxon, etc… or gift cards – but I would not recommend it simply because it’s an upfront cost you’re locked into and excessive amounts will be flagged as manufactured spending.

So what are the Quarter 2 categories?

Well you’re in luck! It’s grocery and home improvement stores – the former being what everyone should be interested in. Whether you buy groceries from Aldi’s, Kroger, whole foods or certain small Walmarts – you earn a flat 5X bonus points.

Note: Really large Walmarts will code as supercenters, so to be sure, make a small transaction at your nearest Walmart and see how it codes in the ultimate rewards section either on the mobile app or website.

Unless you’re moving post graduation in May and are in need of purchasing new furniture, or simply relocating, I don’t know any other way of making use of the home improvement stores.

As far as groceries are concerned, spending $1500 in three months may be daunting for certain people depending on their living condition but it’s easily attainable for households with 2+ residents.

Quick tip for readers in shared accommodation: Offer to pay for groceries for your flatmates and collect the money either in cash/transfer so it’s easier to max out the quarter if that’s your goal.

Quarter 2 begins on 1 April and ends on 30 June. Quarter 3 categories will be announced around 14th June.

If you have the freedom unlimited and have received the sign-up bonus ($150/$200 on spend of $500 depending on the promotion by Chase) and are looking to add another card to your portfolio, the Freedom card is a great choice (as long as you are under the Chase 5/24 rule).

A worthy alternative

The Discover IT card is also a quarterly rotating card and you can learn more about it here.

Interesting in Applying?

You may use our referral link which will reward you with 15,000 Bonus Points (~$150-$225 depending on redemption on a $500 spend in the first 90 days). The website will additionally receive a bonus too so it helps us both!

You may find the link here.

Already own the card? Here’s how you activate it.

Login to your mobile app and select Ultimate Rewards -> See 5% calendar ->Activate (green button).

On the website, you simply login and the notification will pop up to remind you to activate the offer.

Additionally, you may also receive an email letting you know to activate the offer.

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