The Uber Visa card that’s great for everything.

An Uber card with a higher value proposition towards spends which doesn’t include it’s ride-sharing service? That’s ironical but stay put and you’ll see why this one is a must have daily user.

Barclay’s and Uber teamed up on this one to effectively target the new age generation – one that eats out often, consumes online content, and travels.

So what are the benefits?

There are three categories that concern us and really benefit you – the end user.

Dining is pretty straightforward, however from our experience purchases made at sporting events, entertainment destinations such as zoo/park/aquarium cafeterias do not code as dining/restaurants (they tend to have a centralized code).

4% back (even though 1 point = ¢1) directly places this with the premium cards but without an annual fee. Unfortunately these points do not transfer out to travel partners but can be redeemed for cash-back or gift cards.

Hotel and airfare also includes bookings made on 3rd party reservation sites as well as Airbnb. This is nifty as we don’t always book directly with the airlines as they can sometimes charge more in a direct sale to customer over a 3rd party that buys in bulk and the sells.

We like how it removes the thinking from transactions unlike with something like the AMEX platinum where the 5x back is valid only when booked directly with the provider or through their own portal.

We won’t dive into the 2% category however we would like to inform you about the Citi Double cash card (covered here as the top cards to get in 2019). This card offers a fixed 2% cash back when you pay back the balance.

Unfortunately Uber rides only earn you 2x and not higher.

Other valueable perks of using the card

1. Cellphone protection

Just as the Wells Fargo cash wise card, for a $25 deductible on upto $600 in coverage twice a year ($1200 total) you effectively get insurance on your phone incase something were to happen to it. Do keep in mind however you need to pay your monthly phone bill in order to receive this benefit.

Not confusing this with phone payments, we’re talking about service provider bills like the ones you receive from AT&T, Verizon, etc… .

2. $50 online subscription credits

If you, in a year put charges totaling $5000 or more on this card, you will receive credits for upto $50 in charges.

Eligible digital music, video, and shopping subscription services are: Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music, Audible, Sirius XM, Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, DirecTV NOW, the membership fee for Amazon Prime, and Shoprunner (offered free of cost to AMEX users – enrollment required).

If you add a trusted friend or family member as an authorized user, their spends will also count towards the $5000 however they will not have access to the cash back/deals you do. Remember you are responsible to pay their debt and liable if unable to.

3. Decent sign-up bonus

On spending $500 in the first 90 days, you’re eligible to receive a 20% bonus offer or 10,000 points. These points can be redeemed for $100 value in Uber credits, $100 in cash back, or $100 in gift cards. This bonus is limited to new cardmembers only.

4. Points earned posted early

You don’t need to wait for the statement to generate at the end of every month to receive your points. Earned points will be available the business day after the transaction posts to your account.

Ultimately, we think this is a pretty good overall card for the young generation of foodies and travelers. If you’re interested in this card and would like to know more, click here.

If you wish to apply for the card, download and open the Uber app to apply:

  1. Tap the MENU in the upper left corner of the app and tap PAYMENT
  2. Tap VIEW ALL OFFERS in the Payment Offers section. Tap DETAILS under Apply for the Uber Visa Card.

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