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Use Ebates to get extra cashback and bonuses on regular spends

If you are one to seldom shop online or frequent eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart and other stores, you could be saving more than what they or your credit card portal might offer!

Here comes in an extension called Ebates. Ebates is a free to use service that you have to sign up for (using either our link or a public link) to get these offers. Whether you sign-up using the public link or our link, you still get $10 with the latter giving our website a bonus too.

Ebates and Zipcar

If you use ebates while applying for Zipcar memberships, you can get upto $6 back on a transaction such as booking a car or just getting the paid membership.

Note to students, ensure whether your university provides a free membership, so you only pay for the cars you book and save more each booking using Ebates.

Ebates and American Express Membership Rewards

When you link your Amex Membership Reward point earning card such as the Gold, Platinum or Everyday card, you may get an initial bonus of 1500 MR points plus all cashbacks/points can be directly transferred to your Amex account.

Ebates and Chase Shopping Portal

Many Chase customers will find that they get for example 4x points on transactions made at Groupon. Going through the Chase portal and applying the Ebates offer at check-out will give you the opportunity to double dip: get 4x points in Chase and 4% back from Ebates effectively netting you 8% or 8x points back.

Its FREE to use and benefit from!

Like we mentioned with our aforementioned examples, its free to sign-up and you get $10 irrespective after making your first purchase or 1500 MR points if linked with AMEX.

Happy shopping and saving!!

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