How to use Chase UR points earned for roundtrip flights?

I’m going to keep this a brief article and include multiple examples to help you understand ways to redeem UR points for flights (same can be applied for hotels too as covered here).

How can I redeem my Chase UR points for flights?

There are two ways to redeem your Chase UR points.

  1. Flights directly booked from the Ultimate Rewards portal.
  2. UR points transferred to Travel Partners (also covered here).

Ultimate Rewards Portal

When you log into your Ultimate Rewards account, you may use your points for flights offered under the “Travel” section

Enter the details as per your itinerary and search. I always search on google flights first and based on the best/cheapest combination, proceed here.

If you are a Chase Sapphire card holder, you can get more worth for your points. I’m attaching an example of the point redemption (1.5X) I get by default from the Reserve card.

For Preferred card holders, the redemption is at a 1.25X which would mean the same 139,670 points are worth $1745.87 – an almost $350 loss in value.

I had, in the month of April had a round-trip booking between Houston, TX and Chicago, IL which I booked through Ultimate Rewards. The dollar amount was $96.60 but only required me to spend 6440 points (less than what I earned per quarter by meeting the category spends).

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Transfer to Travel Partners

For the sake of continuity, I’m going to take the same route, just different schedule. Chase has as a transfer partner, the Southwest Rapid Rewards program. By transferring 6000 UR points to SRR, I can purchase this ticket for 5904 points + $11.20 in taxes ( amount can change over time). The flight times may not be the most convenient but since I’m going for the cheapest redemption, it works.

Again, the redemption through a transfer partner cost me less than one quarter’s bonus category earn of 7500 UR points.

So what do you need to do in order to be able transfer points to a travel partner?

You would need one of the Sapphire cards and your spending/traveling habits, choose the one best suited for you. I personally chose to get the Reserve card for reasons I cover here.

If you decide to get the Preferred (60,000 UR sign-up bonus), feel free to use one of our reader’s link (they will receive a referral bonus if you apply using the link).

The best way to maximize earn/spend of Chase UR points is by creating a trifecta – which I go over here.

If you still have questions or would like to add something, comment down below or reach out to us here.

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