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As international students who recently moved to the United States, you require a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to open a new credit card account. But to get an SSN you need a job and not everyone would be in a position to work. Deserve solves the problem for persons without an SSN through their entry level card(s).

Building History now, for tomorrow.

If you decide to live in the US for a certain period of time, make purchases using credit/loans you need to build history of proving that you efficiently manage credit. Your history of on-time payments, utilization, credit limit, open/closed accounts are all linked to your SSN (making up your credit report).

The goal is to start as early as you can and diversify your record to have multiple data points for future reference.

International Students in the US

Every year, many international students come to US for higher education. Not everyone gets an on-campus job and that prevents them from acquiring an SSN. But with Deserve, you get the opportunity to carry a card without one.

I believe it is one of three company’s (others being Citi and BoA) which offers international students a credit card without an SSN.

Benefits offered by Deserve

Amazon Prime

To maximize the benefits for Amazon Prime, sign up using your edu ID and you will get 6 months free Student Prime. After 6 months, purchase Amazon Prime for a year as a student (59$/year) with Deserve and you will get 59$ back.

PriorityPass Membership

While it seems complimentary, you still are required to pay $27 at the lounge/restaurant – cheaper than the default rate, but not really worth it because you still pay.

Phone Coverage

To receive this benefit, you must charge your monthly cellular telephone bill to the card.

To learn about other coverages, click here.

Whats my two-cents on it?

If you do not have an SSN and plan on getting a credit card, this is a great way to start your history early. Once you do get your SSN, Deserve will link your history with them by reporting it to the credit bureaus. However, if you do have your SSN, I would recommend the Discover IT card as your preferred first card.

Remember, spend only what you have and on what you need. Be a responsible borrower, repaying in full at the end of every month.

How to apply?

You may use one of our reader’s link which can be found here (and on top of the page). Click to be directed to the application page.

You may also check out other cards that we recommend HERE.

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