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Fastest way to get the highest status with Car Rental Companies?

If you’re someone who lives in the US, there may eventually come a point in time when you’d have to rent a car for a vacation, an interview, as a temporary means of transportation basically. Given that rentals can be so expensive, why not try to pay less for more and always get yourself into the fanciest cars for the same rate as a mid-sized sedan?

Create Car Rental Accounts

I personally would recommend you to make a free account with every car rental agency out there, the more popular ones being: Hertz, Enterprise, National, Avis/Budget, etc…

Hertz trick to President’s Circle

Once you’ve created a free Hertz Gold Rewards account, go to the link below, login and use the CDP: 1795034 to get upgraded to their top tier President’s Circle.

When you get a confirmation of the upgrade, I’d recommend you take a screenshot of the card and also download it if there is an option. Now you have the highest tier with Hertz! Most of the work is done. The best part is, you never once had to rent a car!

Status Matching Rental Companies

Once you’ve gotten the Hertz President’s Circle membership screenshot, without wasting any time, proceed to “status match” to the highest tiers with other Rental Companies. This basically means, on the basis of your Hertz Status, you will be matched to the highest status with another Rental Company.

Link to Status Match Enterprise

Link to Status Match National

Link to Avis

The rest you may google and apply for. Hopefully this helps and once you’re status matched, make sure to use that to status match with a rental company that did not approve you with the Hertz credentials.

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