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Why the AMEX Delta cards can save you money with every booking

It’s impossible to ignore the sheer fact that Delta miles are some of the most sought after miles in the airline industry. American Express recently announced improved limited time bonus offers on their Delta cards.


CardAnnual FeeSign-Up BonusWorth
Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card 010,000 Bonus Miles on $500 spend in 90 days$120
Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card $0 first year, then $95 60,000 Bonus Miles and $50 Statement Credit on $2000 spend in 90 days$720 +$50
Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card $195 70,000 Bonus Miles, 10,000 Medallion Qualification Miles, and a $100 Statement Credit$840 +$100

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Delta and AMEX partnered in 2017 to bring us Delta-branded credit cards, like:

  • Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
  • Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express
  • Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card

So why should I be bothered?

Delta offers many options to choose from and there quite literally one for every class of spender.

1. A card for Everybody

There are a total of 7 Delta credit cards from AMEX. Four are personal cards and 3 are Business cards. That might be the most cards out there of any loyalty program. You’ve got:

  1. Blue Delta SkyMiles
  2. Gold Delta SkyMiles
  3. Gold Delta SkyMiles® Business
  4. Platinum Delta SkyMiles
  5. Delta Reserve
  6. Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card

2. First checked-in bag free

Apart from the entry level Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, each card offers you a free first checked bag. This benefit can be availed for upto 8 other travelers on your booking (your presence in the trip is required to avail this perk).

At $30 per bag per one-way trip, you save a minimum of $60 per booking. And that’s just your bags!

3. Cheap fares
Delta flies (almost) everywhere, and their frequent sales make for interesting redemption possibilities.

Some examples include but are not limited to:

7,500 Delta miles + ~$6 fees for a one-way medium-haul flight from Los Angeles to Dallas

11,000 Delta miles + ~$6 fees for a one-way long-haul flight from Los Angeles to New York

4. Priority Boarding

Want to get in early so you have space to keep your hand bags near your seat? This is your answer. You don’t need to fight or squeeze other bags to make space for yours.

This applies to upto 8 other travelers on your reservation.

5. Annual Companion Certificate
With either the AMEX Delta Reserve cards or AMEX Delta Platinum cards, you’ll earn a companion certificate each year.

What does this mean for you?

Every time you renew your card by paying the annual fee, you will receive a digital companion certificate that allows you to add a second passenger to your domestic round-trip flight reservation within the contiguous 48 US states (not applicable for Alaska and Hawaii) by only paying the taxes and fees for that passenger.

Depending on the route, you can save significantly! Flights from New York City to Los Angeles can easily top $500, meaning you could save at least $500 when adding a companion to your flight and using this certificate. This more than offsets your annual fee more than once if used often.

You and your partner can travel the country at 50% cost. Partner could be a friend, relative, spouse, parent or child. Do take note that both of you should have identical itineraries (same trip) and be traveling together.

6. 20% off in-flight purchases.

Pretty much as read. Useful towards food/water/entertainment. Or just carry your own food and water to save money.

So should I get one?

We’d say it’s worth looking into especially if you live near a Delta Hub – meaning a lot of flights take off from a dedicated terminal at your local airport.

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