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Get National Execute Elite status with any American Express credit card.

For a limited time only American Express is running a promotion with National Car Rental company thanks to which if you apply using the link below, you will automatically receive elite status.

Getting Elite Status

Click ” Executive Elite Enrollment ” on the page

Proceed to apply.

Fill out your details and you will receive Elite Status with National. Be sure to input your AMEX card number (valid) at the time of account opening.

Get Elite Status with other Rental Companies

Once you receive confirmation, take a screenshot of your account info displaying your name, account number and status level and send that to other rental companies.

Hertz Status match application: LINK

Enterprise Status match application: LINK

Follow similar procedure with the Rental company of your choice.

Life-time Elite Status tip

Make sure to leave out one Rental company from the status match. The good thing about when you get elite status is that you have it for the rest of the year you got it plus the next full calendar year.

Towards the end of that second year, use your elite status to match to the “base” account with any other rental company that you do not use. This way, when year three rolls around, you can status match back to the other accounts and continue the loop until it stops working.

Needless to say there are a lot of benefits to having Elite status with car rentals as it saves you A LOT OF MONEY.

Don’t have an AMEX card? Don’t worry, here is a list of our top recommended cards:

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