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Get Spotify Premium for free

At a time when most of us are dealing with the impact of COVID-19, our consumption of media content has grown exponentially. If you’re someone who enjoys listening to music or your favorite podcast without ads or breaks at your convenience, Spotify is a great platform to check out.

I’ve been using spotify for 5 years now and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep using it in the future. So whats the offer? How can you get Spotify for free?

The Offer

You need to be a Chase card holder in order to get the Premium access for a free 6 month “trial period” after which your card will be charged the regular $9.99+taxes / month. That’s ~$65 saves (all incl) over a 6 month period.

The Trick

Now you may be thinking 6 months isn’t really as exciting – don’t worry, you can replicate the process using any other one of your chase cards and by creating a new account. Once you create your new account, be sure to follow your initial account and that way, you’ll get access to all our playlists.

This way you can save your playlists and it’ll be as if nothing ever changed. Be sure to cancel your older membership before it auto-renews. If it does renew and you want to cancel it, the customer support portal is generally very helpful and they will more than happily assist you – getting a full refund (but please do this within the first-second day of the charge posting).

5% off the subscription

If you are no-longer eligible for the trial offer, I would recommend you enroll with chase to earn a 5% return on your subscription for 6 months.

I believe this works for both individual and family plans.

Long term

As with any media content subscription service, if you would like to save on monthly bills, I always recommend finding a group of friends and creating a family plan. Alternatively, if you’re a student I would recommend using the 3-mo free trial and then checking out the $4.99 (plus taxes) offer which bundles Showtime and Hulu for no additional cost.

Chase Freedom does have a quarter in the year where it offers 5x UR Points or 5% cashback on subscription streaming services (Q2 2020). Additionally you can buy gift cards from the grocery store during the grocery quarter or using your AMEX gold card for the 4X MR point return on spend.

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    That’s a sweet trick man!

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