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Pack normal – not light – the trick to maximizing packing space.

If you’ve never taken an American domestic flight, this will be news to you just as it was to me when I took my first domestic flight here. Pay for carry-ons and checked in bags. And as much as $20-30 per bag. So obviously, it’s important you take with you as much as you can fit in your bags.

But you’ve probably been packing incorrectly all this time and it’s time to change that. Most airlines let you carry a personal bag (size of a laptop bag) with you at no additional cost – but you can follow the same tips to maximize the space.

So how do I pack everything?,

Roll your clothes. Simple. Don’t fold them – just roll em and arrange them compactly in your bag. This saves you so much space enabling you to pack more clothes for that random event that may pop up in your trip. This also leaves space for you to pack your essentials (toothbrush, paste, liquid soap, etc..)

Keep your essentials and toiletries in clear Ziploc bags so that it’s easy to remove for security checks. Also make sure you adhere to TSA guidelines.

Between carry on and check in options – go for check-in as you get more allowance.

Additionally, pre-pay the check-in fees/carry on fees to save an additional airport collection charge.

You can also apply for Airline partner cards such as United Mileage cards offered by Chase, Delta cards offered by AMEX, American Airline cards offered by Citi and Southwest by Chase.

Many of these cards have annual fees waived off in year one while some of them don’t. But if you compare reward/benefit to cost, by you getting a free checked-in bag every flight, you can surpass what you paid for the card in maybe two round trip (four) flights.

This article will not dive into discussing each card – but we will in future articles.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or contact us and we’ll respond at the earliest.


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