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Save money at Groupon bookings

If you’ve never heard of Groupon, it’s an online American e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services. Now that the wikipedia definition is out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

Groupon offers pretty cheap rates as is discounting most tickets by almost 10-70% depending on when you book and what category it falls under, but a hack I’m going to share with you today can save you an additional $10 per order. It just requires a bit of work and patience.

Is it unethical ?

In my eyes no. Groupon offers it’s users a chance to Refer a friend. If the new user signs up using your link and makes a purchase of $10 and up, you’ll get a $10 credit in your account.

So how do I make this work?

Let’s say you wish to book five tickets for a show/tour which each cost $15 (example). You create your referral link (easy to follow process from your account page top right corner drop down menu). Use a different email ID to sign up in incognito mode using the referral link and make that first purchase for $15.

Check back in your main account and you’ll get a notification you’ll receive a $10 (can take upto 7 days). Close the browser and follow the same steps but this time with a separate email ID. Same process, book your second ticket. You’ll get another $10 in your main account.

Now you effectively have spent $30 and received $20 in return. Do the same process again with a different account and you have spent $45 and received $30. Using this you can now book the remaining two tickets.

Seems a lot of work right?

You saved $30 didn’t you ? There’s the reward – a neat little hack that can really save you a lot when you have to book multiple tickets.

Once you book the tickets, go into your Groupon bookings and download the voucher. You don’t want to be signing in and out N number of times at the counter of the show do you ? Just save the PDFs to your phone such that the counter can scan the barcode.

Just do the math before booking

Following this example, you can recreate the same for different ticket prices/number of tickets. Just use a different account – and you’ll hacking your way to free tickets!

If you’re a Chase card holder

Log into you Ultimate Rewards and go to the shop through Chase section. Purchases made on Groupon give you an additional 4% or 4X back on expenses using the site pathway Chase offers. You have to use your Chase card while checking out. If you have a Chase freedom unlimited use that card.

Effectively you’ll earn-

1.5x on purchase made using the Unlimited card.

4x back on purchase made using the link through Shop on Chase.

$10 per referral (provided that account makes a purchase of $10 or higher).

As a student, I love saving money. Don’t you ?

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