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Get 1000 miles with a $1 Wall Street Journal/Barron’s subscription

If you already have an airlines account this might be a nice way not only to earn bonus miles quick and easy, but also read the news!

Whats the miles earning opportunity?

  • Upto 1,000 bonus miles ($10) when you signup for a 10-week Wall Street Journal subscription at a cost of just $1.
  • Upto 1,000 bonus miles ($10) when you signup for an 8-week Barron’s subscription with a cost of just $1.

American Airlines has the highest offer at 1,000 miles, United is at 800 if you have the United (Chase) card, Southwest and Alaska is at 700. You can additionally use the Barclay portal for 1,000 points worth $10 in travel.

Can I double dip?

If you’re interested, you can double dip and maximize points by signing up multiple times through different portals. For example: if you have the Aviator Barclays card as well as the Citi AADvantage Card, you can get 2000 bonus miles with American Airlines by spending only $2. However, make yourself a note to cancel before the next charge if you don’t want the subscription to continue. 

How do I go about collecting miles without actually flying?

Almost every airline out there has a shopping portal. All you need is to make a frequent flyer/member account with them and then link that with their shopping portals. Next you search for the brand of your choice and compare if you get the best deal there vs other portals. To maximize your returns, you may enable Ebates for additional cash back or AMEX MR points.

Maximize return on Barron’s

Maximize return on Wall Street Journal

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